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Questions and Answers

Is it only weak-minded people who get hypnotized?
Definitely not!!  Intelligent people who are able to focus their thoughts, make the best and fastest successes in hypnotherapy.  Everyone else can experience success in hypnotherapy with enough time, providing they want it.   

What if my family tell me, it is against my religion?  
In the bible, it says to not let others control your mind.   
Your mind is not controlled by a hypnotherapist.  We will guide you to make the changes that you want.  You are the one who gets to finally take control of a busy, out-of-control mind.
People often fear the unknown.  There is an understandable (though mistaken) fear that people will lose control while in a state of hypnosis.  The reality is, everyone experiences this state many times a day.  A state of hypnosis is simply the slowing down of Beta brainwaves and the increase of intensity of Theta brainwaves. 
You can ask family or friends to attend with you and stay conscious or you can let them know of your experience and success afterwards. 

What will it be like?
You will feel a very safe, and deeply relaxed.  No one will cause you to be embarrassed in any way.  It will be like watching a really good movie, where you were wonderfully engrossed and not wanting to leave. A few people don't even feel they were hypnotized, simply because they thought they would lose control.  You stay aware and engaged as if on the edge of a dream.

Will I go to sleep?   
No.  It is sometimes referred to as a “hypnotic sleep.”  You may look as if you are asleep but your mind will remain very clear and in control. If you do happen to  fall asleep you will be gently wakened  to a more aware, yet relaxed state for best results.  

How will I know I'm under?  
When you have that relaxed, focused feeling and are able to follow the visualizations that I describe, you will know. You just feel mentally calm and relaxed, focused and aware. It feels good.  It feels a little dreamy.  Looking for it, makes it more challenging.  Allowing the state of hypnosis to happen in it's own time, will engage it more naturally.

Play bettersports
Will Hypnotherapy make me a Better Athlete?
Hypnotherapy holds a strong key to mental success and in 3 sessions or less, you definitely will see improvement in your game. For many years now,  Olympic teams and Pro athletes have been using hypnotherapy to gain the mental edge on their game.  Competition at any level is 80+% mental.  

Will I remember anything after the session?  
Yes, you will remember. There are even many cases of people who  had surgery while under hypnosis, and felt no pain.  Through the guidance of a hypnotherapist, they control not only their level of pain, without anaesthesia, but they also control their own blood flow through the surgery.  It is extremely rare for someone to not remember anything.    

Will I lose control or do things against my will?
Absolutely not!  The whole purpose of hypnotherapy is to give you greater control over your thoughts and your feelings.  You have the control to stop or change a hypnotherapy session at any point.  
Hypnotherapy  is not stage hypnosis done for the entertainment of others. It would not benefit you or myself to cause you harm or embarrassment. 

Will hypnotherapy work for me?
Yes it will, so long as it is for what you want.  In my experience, approximately 98% of the people I see, notice significant improvement within 3 sessions, unless they actively resist the hypnotic suggestions.  Some notice in less and occasionally, someone will take more.  Limitations include, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, severe mental disorders/ illness, and refusal to be hypnotized. Even children and people with mental disabilities can benefit from Hypnotherapy so long as they can understand the language being spoken and agree to the process.

Is Hypnotherapy Safe?
Just Relax Hypnotherapy is completely safe. You cannot get "Stuck" in a state of hypnosis. You cannot be made to do something against your will. If that was possible, bank robberies would happen by means of hypnotherapy.  It can not be done. Hypnotherapy is a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable experience. It is always in your hypnotherapists best interest for you to have the success you desire.  That's how we get referrals.  

How do I find a good Hypnotherapist?
Like other therapists and counsellors, Hypnotherapists will meet the needs of different people.  One thing to watch for is the training.  Is your hypnotherapist certified and registered?  Check out their websites and find someone who "feels" right to you. Do you feel like you can trust the person?  Do they have an office or will you go into thier home and how does that feel?  Do they seem knowledgeable? Do they work exclusively as a hypnotherapist or do they use other modalities that suggest they are either not "all in" or maybe the other modalities sound appealing. Ask them if they follow written scripts or if they focus 100% on finding your inner dialogue and working with that. You may very well know even before your first visit, if this person feels right for you. During your first visit, you will know, by how comfortable you are and how safe and confident you feel.  This is a good indicator of the trustworthiness and skill of the hypnotherapist.  You can always call or set up a time to talk on the phone to get a feel through a voice conversation.  

Your comfort and trust is most important as this is what will most predict your success.  Listen for confidence, knowledge, compassion or ego or distance in the hypnotherapists voice and information about their understanding of your needs.  You have a right to select the hypnotherapist who will most honour and respect your needs and concerns and quickly and respectfully use your own words to guide you to feel and be all that you want for yourself, at a deep subconscious level.

Be Free of Limitations
Like you, my amazing, determined clients come because they want inner change and want it fast! I love helping good people to have noticeable success in 3 sessions or less.  MANY have had success, even with only one session.
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